Prayer Ministries

Emergency Prayer Journal – Contact, Pastor Pat Kelly or Loraine Sersch    When emergency situations arise needing to be bathed in prayer, it is the focus of this ministry to email these situations to our prayer warriors.
House of Prayer exists to encourage, train and facilitate the prayer life at Caring Community.  We meet at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings to saturate every aspect of individual and corporate life with prayer.    
Praise and Prayer Journal – The Praise and Prayer Journal is a weekly list of praises, concerns for which intercessory prayer is needed and updates on previous requests.  The P.P.J. is emailed each Tuesday with added requests emailed almost daily.  The Journal is also made available at Wednesday’s House of Prayer and on Sunday mornings in the rack outside the Church Office.  If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please contact the Church Office.  
Watchmen on the Wall – The Watchmen Team is made up of married couples, and they are positioned in the Lobby each Sunday morning during our 10:30 Worship service.  Their duties include prayer intercession for the pastors, worship leader & team, teachers and others involved in the service.  They also pray that hearts will be softened and teachable.  Another duty is to monitor the church lobby and encourage people to join the service, to minister to anyone in distress and to be the ‘Front Door Keeper’.  They will greet late-comers, and watch over the hallway and doors to our nursery and children’s church area.