Attendance – Taking attendance every Sunday morning allows us to meet people new to Caring Community and the area, and helps us know when a member may need prayer or some other kind of assistance.

Greeter/Welcome Center – Greeters are the first people everyone sees, whether they are visiting or are regular members. Our role is to greet people with genuine kindness and that they see God in our church and in us.

Children’s Church – Children’s Church, a worship service for children, will teach children age 3-11 years, how to be involved in God’s work and how to apply lessons to their everyday lives. Children’s Church will be held Sunday’s after the Worship block in the Sanctuary.

Video Projection – Sunday mornings, and at other times, announcements, Worship songs, illustrations and photographs are needed as a focal point during worship services and other events held at the church. That is the purpose of the Projection Ministry.

Signing for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – This ministry provides sign language interpretation during our Sunday morning services for those who have a hearing deficit.  

Sound – The Sound Ministry provides the levels and blending of instruments, vocalists, and the speaker’s microphones.  They record the sermons and provide copies for all who want them.  They also operate the lights to provide the proper atmosphere for the service.

Stewardship – The Counting Ministry is a group of men that handle the counting of each Sunday’s giving for the church.

Watchmen on the Wall – The focus of the Watchmen on the Wall (WOW) ministry is three-fold: 1) To intercede for the worship service. 2) To monitor the parking lot, lobby and hall. 3) To be a gatekeeper for the front door. This ministry is to bless, encourage and protect what He is doing and plans to do in and through Caring Community.

Worship and Praise Team –  At Caring Community we believe in worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth. Knowing that we have been called to offer not just our talents, but our whole lives as living sacrifices to bring glory to God’s Kingdom is the common theme that binds the worship team together. We have a devotion time each Wednesday evening at 8:15 pm and approximately two hours of preparation, between Wednesday night and Sunday morning, before we corporately worship on Sunday mornings. Our time of worship is deep and passionate and prayerfully our lives reflect what we sing and praise in our time together.

Junior Worship Team – Teaching our young people what it means to worship and how our worship brings glory to God is extremely important at Caring Community. Our Junior Worship Team, is for young people in 4th grade through Junior High, meets at 6:15 – 7:00 p.m. Wednesday evenings for practice.